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About Us

MTM clinic was first opened in 1995 by three partners making up one of five MTM centres around Perth. In 1997 the partnership was dissolved and the Loftus Centre clinic became a single clinic.

In 1999, Michael Wood took over as full time owner and along with his team of physiotherapists provides quality treatments to the clients of MTM Physiotherapy.
MTM Physiotherapy has developed into a Physiotherapy clinic with an excellent reputation in Perth. We are regularly approached by sporting teams to become their Physiotherapy and injury management provider.

We also have a consistent base of satisfied customers who regularly refer their friends & family. All of our Physiotherapists maintain and update their knowledge with regular attendance at education sessions and with weekly mentoring sessions in house.

Our Aims

To provide all patients with the best possible treatment from our dedicated and knowledgeable staff. We want clients to leave our clinic feeling better, having knowledge of their injury and the expectations of their improvement.

To make your visit as enjoyable as possible from the time you call to make the appointment until the time you leave following your last consultation.

Our workplace is a very fun and enjoyable place to work, which we believe is important, so you feel welcome by the friendly reception you receive and the "feel of the clinic".


Early Intervention
Our emphasis is on treating your injury as soon as possible after injury. You will ‘get better quicker’ if we are able to commence treatment immediately after an injury has occurred.

We will make sure you are aware of your diagnosis and what that means to you. We will make sure that before you leave our clinic you will know;

Injury Management
We are able to access the best sports doctors, general practitioners, podiatrists and massage therapists in Perth through our sporting and medical networks and our association with elite sporting teams. We may need to refer you to these people to assist us with management of your injury. At all stages of the treatment process you will be aware of the treatment possibilities and outcomes.

Personalised Service
We provide a personalised service with each therapist treating only one patient at a time and the patient remains under the care of that therapist for the duration of the injury management.

If you need to revisit our clinic at another date, we will endeavour to make your appointment with the Physiotherapist of your choice. If that is not possible we will ensure that the Physiotherapist to treat you will have spoken to your Physiotherapist and be given a handover on your condition.

Hands On’ Manual Therapy
We are proud of our standard of treatment and the use of manual therapy by all of our staff. We spend each session of treatment working ‘Hands On’ giving individual treatment that allows for accurate feedback of status of the injury leading to accurate diagnosis and appropriate treatment for quicker recovery. While you are in our clinic you are our sole focus and our sole aim is to ‘get your injury better quicker.’

Sports Injury Knowledge
MTM Physiotherapy Leederville has expertise, extensive experience and post graduate qualification in sporting injuries. Our extensive knowledge of sports and their demands as demonstrated with our contracts with Perth Glory women's team, W.A.I.S Women’s Soccer athlete program and Australian Men’s Hockey team and A.I.S Hockey program.

Every sport has different physical demands and the knowledge of your Physiotherapist will assist you to recover quicker. We are also able to transfer our knowledge of soft tissue injuries occurring in sport to the general population. So you do not have to be a sportsperson to benefit from our expertise.


28 Coghlan Rd
Subiaco WA 6008

08 9380 6793

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We currently provide quality Physiotherapy Treatment & Injury Management services to the following groups:

  • Hockeyroos – Australian Women’s hockey team.
  • WAIS women’s hockey team and AIS women’s Hockey team
  • Perth Glory Women’s Soccer Team
  • WAIS Women’s Soccer program
  • WAIS Men’s Hockey program
  • WAIS Athletes
  • W.A. Soccer Referees (senior squad members)

We have provided quality Physiotherapy Treatment & Injury Management services to the following groups:

  • AIS men’s Hockey team
  • Kookaburras – Australian Mens Hockey team
  • Perth Glory Football Club 1999 - 2008
  • Subiaco Australian Rules Football Club  2004 - 2007
  • Junior Soccer Association of WA State Teams
  • Western Waves Football Team and W.A. Women's Intensive Soccer Training Centre
  • Scarborough Mercantile Cricket Team